Exbury Gardens Trip

Cranleigh have invited Probus ’83 members to join with them for this trip. Time is short – last booking date is Friday 24th May – so please book directly with Derek Bonham. His contact details are on Mike Sinclair’s email: 19th May, 1206. If you’ve lost that then Mike will help.

Full trip details are:

Wednesday 5 June 2019 (trip 2019/5) – Exbury Gardens near Beaulieu, Hampshire.

The inspiration of Lionel Nathan de Rothschild to create one of the finest woodland gardens in the country. It is described as “a garden for people young and old, horticulturalist or enthusiastic gardener or just a lover of beautiful places” and is sited near the Beaulieu river. There are 20 miles of pathways, 3 woods, riverside walks and abundant parkland to explore plus a ride on a steam train for 20 minutes after which we can visit the roomy Engine Shed with graphics, videos and memorabilia that line the walls recalling steam’s heyday and the construction of the railway.

The plan for the day can be anticipated as follows:-

10.30am – arrive for coffee/tea (included)

11am – garden tour for about 2 hours with the Head Gardener

1pm – lunch at Mr Eddy’s Tea Rooms. There are 2 options here, we can either have a set meal of 2 or 3 courses for around £15 or £20 p.p. respectively all together or use the café/restaurant individually for a snack without a specified area being put aside for us. Mr Eddy update – menus for all 2019 food purchases will not now be available until April! When booking please produce your cheque excluding lunch and indicate whether you are interested in the set meal which can then be invoiced separately.

2pm or 3pm – train ride – our choice on the day. Thereafter free time.

4.30pm – leave for home.

Leaving Cranleigh at 8.15am and returning back to Cranleigh at around 6.30pm. Cost £40 p.p. excluding lunch assuming at least 30 participants. Arrangement Probus B. Cheques please with bookings to Derek Bonham in favour of Cranleigh & District Probus B Club. Last date for bookings 24 May 2019. Your cheques will be banked on 28 May 2019.