October Family Finances Group Virtual Meeting

John Coleman will send meeting link details by email to Probus ’83 and FFG members, all of whom are welcome to participate. John writes:

Dear All,
After the unexpected cancellation of the virtual FFG meeting in September, we had hoped that our meeting in October would be at Weybourne House.  But subsequent events have precluded this, so the FFG meeting next week will be a virtual meeting hosted by Joe Davies of Investec using the Zoom platform. 
Joe’s presentation, which is entitled “The Investment Outlook and Strategy”, will commence at 10.00am on Thursday 15 October and a link to the meeting will be sent out on Tuesday 13 October.  Given the present poor state of the market and expected further volatility connected with the Brexit negotiations, the American Presidential election, rising unemployment and the uncertain effect of winter on the path of Covid-19, it will be interesting to hear Investec’s views. I just hope that Joe’s crystal ball is a lot clearer than mine!
So please take the opportunity to hear an expert’s view of the investment scene by making a note in your diary to join us for the meeting at 10.00am on 15 October.
On behalf of the FFG Steering Group,
PS:  To whet your appetite for next week’s meeting, the following articles might be of interest to some of you: