Bowls and Golf

Guildford Probus has asked us to play a game on Wednesday, August 8th, at Merrow Bowling Club. The format will be decided closer to the time. An announcment will be made at the April lunch. Please let Ian Mackrell know if you would like to play – the match will be social bowls, and open to anyone wishing to play.


Some words from Ian:

The general demographics of lawn bowls overlaps considerably with that of the average Probus club. We decided in 2011 to canvass support for a bowls section – and to our surprise found that a few among us were already members of local bowling clubs, whilst others were keen to find out how to play. From this embryo of an idea the bowls section was born. In the meantime two bowling clubs in Guildford have had new recruits from this initiative.

Within a short time about a dozen of our members were playing bowls, enabling us to challenge other Probus clubs to a match. We inaugurated an annual match against our local rivals, Probus Club of Guildford already in 2011. Matches have also been played against other Probus clubs. Free coaching and equipment is made available to our Probus members at two clubs in Guildford to encourage prospective new players to “have a go.”

And a match report from Ian concerning our July 2017 match:

“Having lead at half-time by four shots, your team finally lost 43-58 to Guildford Probus bowls team – they just had the edge on staying power. We nearly abandoned the match at half-time – it was rather wet by then – but the decision nevertheless to carry on, was, with hindsight, inauspicious for Probus ’83.”

Anyone interested in hearing more about bowls should contact Ian Mackrell


June 2018 Golf Match Report by John Coleman

The Probus ’83 Golf Team hosted the annual match against Farnham Probus at Clandon Regis Golf Club on 14 June 2018. Having experienced weeks of dry sunny weather, we were alarmed to discover that the day selected for the match coincided with storm “Hector” from the north! However, despite our trepidation, the wind and rain turned out to be modest and the sun eventually shone through – though a few players are still insisting that the breeze (“wind”) was the cause of their less than usual sparkling performance.

Unfortunately, Farnham Probus had difficulty raising the team of 6 that they originally envisaged and after dropping as low as 2 at a very late stage, they eventually managed to muster 3 players. As the Guildford ’83 team was 9 strong, we changed the format of the match to an Individual Stableford Competition, with the best 3 scores from each side counting.

In addition, we had prizes for a “Nearest the Pin in Two” competition on Hole 10 and a “Longest Drive” competition on Hole 15.

The Probus ’83 Team included Leslie Cowie, Peter Brown, Barry Calder, Chris Greening, Ian Mackrell, Ian Rutter, John Harbor, David Mayne (retired injured) & John Coleman (Captain).

The results of the match were as follows:


Stableford Competition Guildford ’83 Farnham
First Prize   Ian Myers -31 Points
Second Prize Peter Brown – 30 Points  
Third Prize Barry Calder – 28 Points  
  Chris Greening – 27 Points  
    Mark Vardy – 24 Points
    Geoff Macklin – 20 Points
Match Total: 85 Points 75 Points
Nearest the Pin in Two: Peter Brown
Longest Drive: Chris Greening

April 2018 Golf Match Report

The annual golf match against the “Other” Guildford Probus took place at Clandon Regis Golf Club on 26 April 2018.

Given the poor weather conditions over the last few months, the course was in surprisingly good condition and even sanding of the greens earlier in the week did not adversely affect play. (Apart from the odd player who was desperately looking for an excuse !)

The weather gods were kind to us (apart from the occasional short shower and burst of hail !) and the 18 players battled it out fiercely in a spirit of Bonhomie. The result was a very close run thing, with Probus ’83 winning by the small margin of one game.

The “Nearest the Pin” competition on the Par 3 Sixth should have been called “Nearest the Green” – as not one player got on the green with their Tee-shot ! However, the “Longest-Drive” competition was more fiercely contested – with the winner being the Opposing Captain, Mike Collins, and the Runner-up our own Peter Brown, who plays off 11. Mike therefore won the prize for the Longest-Drive and Peter won the prize for “Nearest the Pin” !

The “Odd Ball Prize” for the Most Amusing/Amazing Story was awarded un-opposed to our Ian Rutter, for his heroics when hitting his ball from inside a large conifer (from which he eventually escaped) and his sang-froid when hit by his opponent’s golf ball on the seventh hole ! (As said above, the competition was fierce !)

The golfing performance of our newly appointed Captain, John Coleman, did not live up to the high expectations of his predecessor Leslie Cowie – but the bar was high !

As a penance, John produced a miniature silver cup to be called the “Guildford Probuses Cup”, which will be played for annually by the two Guildford Probuses – and then he promptly presented the cup to himself ! (The Guildford Probus Chairman, Roger Newth, who played against John, is expected to make sure that this doesn’t happen again next year.)

Anyone else interested in joining them for 2019 should contact John Coleman.