January 2020 Family Finances Group Meeting

John Coleman sends the following message to Probus ’83 members:

I hope you have all survived the festivities intact and are now looking forward to the new year ahead.
The past year has been full of uncertainty caused by diverse events, including the trade spat between America/China, civil unrest in Hong Kong/France, ongoing economic woes in Greece/Italy/Spain and geopolitical troubles in the Middle-East, Eastern Europe, and Africa ………… and that’s without even mentioning the uncertainties surrounding “Brexit” and, until recently, the potential threat of a Corbyn led government.  However, despite all these potential risks, the global stock market was at an all-time high at the end of the year!
Gerry Booth has been keeping a keen eye on all the above events – both from the viewpoint of protecting his existing assets and identifying potential new investment opportunities that may arise.  Gerry will be Chairing next Thursday’s meeting of the Family Finances Group when he will be leading a discussion of  What’s changed and how will it affect my investment strategy?”  This is likely to be a lively interactive session covering a wide range of issues, where everyone will be encouraged to share their views on the diverse topics raised by Gerry and, hopefully, we can all learn something useful from the discussion.
As usual, we gather at Weybourne House from around 9.45 am for tea/coffee & biscuits, for a 10.00 am start of the meeting and we aim to finish by noon.  So, put it in your new diary – FFG Meeting, Thursday, 16 January 2020.
As this will be the first FFG meeting of the year, the Membership Subscription will be due.  The annual subscription for 2020 for FFG Members remains at £25 and for Guests, the cost will be £4 per meeting.  “First-time” Guests attend free of charge.  (It will be greatly appreciated if you could either pay the correct amount in cash to David Pugh on the day or pay by cheque made out to “Probus ’83 Club Guildford”.) 
On behalf of the FFG Steering Group, we wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year and look forward to seeing you again next Thursday.