Family Finance Group Meeting April 2022

John Coleman writes:

Dear all,
The Guest Speaker at our next Family Finances Group meeting on Thursday, 21 April, will be Catherine Jezierski of Age UK Surrey, who unfortunately was unable to visit us last month after suffering from Covid.

Catherine will talk to us about the options for later life “Care”, including Residential care, In-home care, the costs of each, how to go about finding care and the potential financial support available from the State. Whether the need for “Care” is due to age-related infirmity, a debilitating stroke or an accident, it is often needed quickly, without the luxury of time to organise things well. So listening to what Catherine has to say on the subject might prove helpful if you are unexpectedly confronted with this problem at some stage in the future. (I can speak from personal experience that finding a suitable Care Home for a close relative quickly can be a harrowing task.)
Because any care that you personally might require would probably be organised by your wife or children, we are taking the unusual step of extending this invitation to them.

So don’t miss this opportunity to listen to an expert on the subject of “Care” and, I suspect, possibly hear some personal feedback from other members of the FFG, following their experience of trying to find suitable care for a close relative.

As usual, we begin gathering from 9.45am onwards for a 10.00am start to the meeting. To cover the cost of refreshments and hire of the room, there will be a charge of £4 and it would greatly help if this could be paid prior to the meeting by Bank Transfer, using the usual details.