Our JANUARY 2019 Lunch

This was our first lunch beginning 30 minutes earlier than hitherto, and announcements before the actual lunch. The bar opened at 11.30, the bell was rung at 12.30 and the meeting closed at 14.50pm. The feedback has been positive so far.
Our speaker, Susan Purcell, took as her subject “Rise & Demise of Accents and Dialects.” She carried off this challenging subject splendidly, and at the end of 40 minutes most listeners would have been happy for her to continue for the same time again. The scope, and depth, of questions that followed indicate an audience enthusiastic, even enthralled.
We welcomed a number of guests, who we hope may have enjoyed themselves sufficiently to consider applying for membership. A new member, Steve Hodge, was welcomed and inducted by Chairman Jay Woogara.
Next month’s speaker is Gordon Bridger, whose talk is entitled “The British Empire.”
It has been decided to change the name of our Investment Group to “Family Finances Group.” The first meeting under the new guise is Thursday, Jnauary 17th. The per session cost rises to £4 whilst the annual cost is unchanged at £25.

Our speaker Susan Purcell and some members of her audience.