February’s subject The Devil’s Chariot By John Glanfield.

I lived in Dorset for 40 years and I often visited the Tank Museum in Bovington.  Of all the many vehicles on display, one that took my eye was a First World War Tank.

My immediate reaction was, anyone who got inside deserved a medal. It was very cramped, very noisy, extemely hot,  full of fumes and almost impossible to get out in a hurry.  In other words a mobile death trap, but helped to turn the war in our favour.

Our speaker today has written a book entitled The Devil’s Chariot and many of these points will probably be covered.

John will explain  who designed and built the Tank. and how did it evolve. Although originally meant for the Navy for use by the Royal Marine crew, it was switched to the  Army,  why the change?  How did it perform in battle?…..with many more questions with  answers.!!!  Get yours ready!!!

Fred J Knopp Speaker Secretary