The Investment Group meets on the third Thursday of each month (except July, August and December) where members discuss the financial markets and how best to invest the money they each wish they had. The meetings, held in Weybourne House, start at 10.00am and finish around noon. Sessions may be either group discussions or involve knowledgeable guest speakers on a variety of topics. Our speakers' topics have not only been investment related, but  have also included “Wills and Probate”, “Fracking” and “Renewable Energy”. These meetings are open to all Probus '83 members.

There is a small additional charge for attendance to cover hire of the room, tea/coffee, etc. For 2019 this is still £20 for the whole year or £3 for each individual session. As with all our meetings there is no compulsion to attend and there is free parking for attendees.

Don Flack, our PIG (Probus Investment Group) supremo has now handed over the reins after a decade of meritorious service. For 2019, individual members will be in charge of the monthly sessions. A full programme, interleaving discussions with speakers, has been arranged for 2019. We have names and topics, but, as at late November 2018, this web page will show "Speaker to be Confirmed" for the relevant months until we are absolutely sure that all speaker details have been confirmed. That will be changed to show full details asap.

Our 2019 programme is:






 Speaker/ Subject


17th Jan
 Alan Mansfield
 General Discussion
 21st Feb
 Gerry Booth
 Speaker to be Confirmed
 21st March
 John Coleman
  Speaker to be Confirmed
 18th April
 Ted Humphries  General Discussion
 16th May
 Bob Bass
 Speaker to be Confirmed
 20th June
 Philip Watson
 General Discussion
 19th Sept
 Don Flack
 Speaker to be Confirmed
17th Oct Patrick Lalor Speaker to be Confirmed
21st Nov Kaylan Das Speaker to be Confirmed