Guildford Probus has asked us to play a game on Wednesday, August 8th, at Merrow Bowling Club. The format will be decided closer to the time. An announcment will be made at the April lunch. Please let Ian Mackrell know if you would like to play - the match will be social bowls, and open to anyone wishing to play.



Some words from Ian:

The general demographics of lawn bowls overlaps considerably with that of the average Probus club. We decided in 2011 to canvass support for a bowls section - and to our surprise found that a few among us were already members of local bowling clubs, whilst others were keen to find out how to play. From this embryo of an idea the bowls section was born. In the meantime two bowling clubs in Guildford have had new recruits from this initiative.

 Within a short time about a dozen of our members were playing bowls, enabling us to challenge other Probus clubs to a match. We inaugurated an annual match against our local rivals, Probus Club of Guildford already in 2011. Matches have also been played against other Probus clubs. Free coaching and equipment is made available to our Probus members at two clubs in Guildford to encourage prospective new players to “have a go.”

And a match report from Ian concerning our July 2017 match:

"Having lead at half-time by four shots, your team finally lost 43-58 to Guildford Probus bowls team - they just had the edge on staying power. We nearly abandoned the match at half-time - it was rather wet by then - but the decision nevertheless to carry on, was, with hindsight, inauspicious for Probus ’83."

Anyone interested in hearing more about bowls should contact Ian Mackrell


Les Cowie has been the golf organiser for several years but, for the 2018 season, is handing over the reins to John Coleman. Earlier in the season Les reported:

Guildford '83 Probus Club is always keen to encourage members to participate in sporting activities such as golf matches against other Probus Clubs. We played Guildford Probus at Clandon Regis on 27th April and against Farnham Probus at Oak Park, Crondall on 16th May 2017.

For 2018 John Coleman has arranged matches on Thursday, 26th April against Guildford Probus and on Thursday 14th June against Farnham Probus. Both matches will be played at our new venue, Clandon Regis GC in Guildford. All members are encouraged to participate.

The result of the 26th April match against Guildford Probus was a very close run thing, with Probus ’83 winning by the small margin of one game, Ian Mackrell's 18th hole putt being the decider.  Our next match, against Farnham Probus, will be on Thursday 14 Jun.

About a dozen Probus '83 members participated in these golf matches in 2017, and anyone else interested in joining them for 2018 should contact John Coleman.